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The Etiquette of the Arms Trade: Undercover Drawings

Jill Gibbon
Beam Editions
Artists' Books
21 × 27 cm
64 pp

The Etiquette of the Arms Trade is the first comprehensive collection of drawings by artist Jill Gibbon. Selected from a ten year period, the drawings document the corrupting culture of the world’s largest arms trade shows. This extraordinary artist bravely works undercover with a false identity, to expose the thin veil of ‘respectability’ over this brutal inhumane trade.

Depicting lethal weaponry alongside corporate entertainment including a fashion show, string quartet and champagne, the drawings show how arms deals are given a polite veneer. There are also cracks in the façade with continual drinking, the objectification of women, and expressions of greed, lust, and despair.

The book includes two essays by the artist ‘The Etiquette of the Arms Trade’ which places the project in the context of the globalised arms industry, and ‘Drawing as Reportage’ that explores the role of drawing in contrast to photography.

Hardcover, cloth-bound, colour.

  1. The Etiquette of the Arms Trade

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