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QSL Audio Publication

John Baldesarri
14 × 16 cm

QSL is an audio arts project that predominantly involves artists who ordinarily construct the signs and symbols of their work in a visual format. In this case, however, the work of these artists is broadcast through the airwaves and onto the the radios of people who might be innocently searching out a weather forecast or the news. The erratic, unpredictable and indecipherable level of reception is central to the conceptual framework of QSL, but it also creates a model which reflects the frailty and potential of all forms of communication, orchestrating the space between transmitter and receiver. A project by Kelly Large with MIMA. Book and CD. Featuring:John Baldessari, Jeremy Deller, William Furlong, James Lee Byars, Graham Gussin, Raimar Stange, Louise Bourgeois, Martin Creed, Louise Lawler, Graham Dolphin, Christian Marclay, Sarah Sze, Meredith Monk, Dave Allen, Ross Sinclair, Vito Acconci, Laurie Anderson, Richard Nonas & Kelly Mark.

  1. QSL Audio Publication

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