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The Guayaveras

Eric Chenaux and Ryan Driver
14 × 12.5 × 1 cm

The guayavera is the national dress shirt of Puerto Rico, bountiful with embroidered ornaments running through its characteristic four pockets. The Guayaveras (the band) play myopically detailed post-punk electro improvised music with prepared/bowed guitar and fried polyphonous analog synth.

CD in plastic jewel case. Colour photograph on back cover by Marla Hlady.
Black and white photograph of The Guayaveras by Alistair Dempsey.
Design by Lewis Nicholson.

Eric Cheneaux – electric guitar
Ryan Driver – electric synth

Recorded May/July 2000.
Mastered at M Lab with John Oswald.

Track listing:

1. which can be worn to the beach or dinner – 14:23
2. Doly-nose – 12:29
3. Palm tree emb. on sleeve and Poket – 13:35
4. For fun or special Occasions – 3:54
5. can be worn dressyorcassual – 14:03

  1. The Guayaveras

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