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Art Metronome 002

Eric Chenaux, Ryan Driver, Aidan Baker, and Josh Thorpe
Art Metropole
18.5 × 18.5 cm

The second release from the Art Metronome vinyl record series featuring artists working in sound, with styles ranging from popular music such as hip-hop and electro-pop, to electro-accoustic, improvised and experimental sound art.

AM 002 features the thoughtful strummings, beepings, tweakings and samplings of the Guayaveras with Josh Thorpe and the warm layering of Aidan Baker’s guitar, vocals and drones in two new audio works.

Aiden Baker, a Toronto-based musician and writer, counts groups such as Sonic Youth, Skinny Puppy, Swans as well as Sunn 0))), Halo, and Corrupted as influences. He has created and participated in multiple musical collaborations and projects in order to accommodate his interest in a wide variety of musical styles and sounds.

The Guayaveras is the name of an ongoing musical collaboration between friends Eric Chenaux and Ryan Driver.

Throughout his prolific musical career as both a solo artist and respected collaborator, Eric Chenaux has experimented with ballads, songs, tunes, improvisations and guitar in addition to curating the Toronto based recording label Rat-Drifting he co-founded with Martin Arnold in 2002.

Ryan Driver is known for his influence on the local music scene through a series of highly-regarded ensembles that include Deep Dark United, The Reveries and The Silt.

Record sleeve includes new artwork by Aidan Baker and Josh Thorpe.

Edition of 300, numbered.

  1. Art Metronome 002

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