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Untitled Scores

Diane Borsato and Ryan Driver
14.2 × 12.3 × 0.8 cm
CD, Canadian

“Untitled Scores” were created for L’Orielle dans l’oeil (the hearing eye) an exhibition where visual artists created non-traditional scores – that musicians were asked to interpret and record. The exhibition was conceived and curated by Sebastian Clinche and presented at L’oeil de Poisson in Quebec City in 2008.

“Unititled Scores” are a series of small instructional drawings based on posed photographs and montages. They propose absurd alterations of instruments – like two trombones with one shared slide, and relational performance processes – such as a flute played by one performer borrowing another performer’s breath. The series of drawings are variously funny, poetic, or impossible, and represent the artist’s interest in traditions of musical performance, conceptual instructions, and relational practices. Toronto composer and performer Ryan Driver interpreted a selection of the scores for recording and performance live in the gallery in Quebec.

Track Listing:
1. Whether They Like it or Not
2. Song for Dental Guard
3. Cat on the Keys
4. Magnolia
5. It’s Tulip Season

Songs by Ryan Driver
Drawings by Diane Borsato

Made in Canada

  1. Untitled Scores

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