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Grayfolded - Oswald, John

John Oswald
2 Cd Set
14 × 13 × 1 cm

John Oswald’s FONY label has decided to reissue the critically and popularly acclaimed 2CD Grateful Dead plunderphonic GRAYFOLDED. Out of print since June 2000, the 2004 edition (10th year anniversary) features exclusive background info and interviews with Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh, and Robert Hunter plus 2 “time maps” which chart the source Dark Stars used and a 10,000 word essay by musicologist Rob Bowman.

Grayfolded is taken from over 100 performances of ‘Dark Star’ between 1968 and 1993. These are build, layered and ‘folded’ to produce one large, newly re-composed ‘Dark Star’.

Gary Lambert, editor of the Grateful Dead Almanac said : “The decade-leaping GRAYFOLDED is an astonishingly accurate evocation of that sublime, hallucinatory ‘unstuck in time’ feeling one gets at a really good Grateful Dead show.”

  1. Grayfolded - Oswald, John

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