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Latitudes and Longitudes of the Principal Ports, Harbours, Headlands, etc., in the World

Lyndl Hall
Publication Studio Vancouver
Artists' Books
15.3 × 23.5 × 0.8 cm

Latitudes and Longitudes is a book that changes the world. Referencing a colonial, imperialist system of occupied lands, ports, naval strongholds, and shipping routes,, Lyndl Hall has produced a new geography that reconfigures the globe, and in particular the system of ocean navigation, by moving the zero meridian of global longitude to Vancouver; the result is an interpretation of space that is both personal and global. This volume, produced in the Slade Editions series of books from Publication Studio Vancouver, includes a ribbon marker for its practical application as a geographic reference text.

  1. Latitudes and Longitudes of the Principal Ports, Harbours, Headl

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