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The Benjamin Sonnets

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5 × 8 inches
88 pages

The Benjamin Sonnets are a series of poems created through a process of “homophonic” translation from German writings by Walter Benjamin. They are ridiculous, but only in the sense that things unexpected and wonderful can be ridiculous.

Clint Burnham is a Vancouver writer and critic. His books include Rental Van (poetry, 2007), Smoke Show (novel, 2005; nominated for the BC Book Prize that year), Buddyland (poetry, 2000), Airborne Photo (short stories, 1999), and Be Labour Reading (poetry, 1997). He also writes frequently on contemporary art, in such venues as, Flash Art, Camera Austria, The Globe and Mail, The Vancouver Sun, C Magazine, fillip, Pyramid Power, etc. He teaches English at Simon Fraser University.

  1. The Benjamin Sonnets

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