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Alison Britton: Seeing Things (Collected Writing On Art, Craft And Design)

Artists' Books
17 × 23 cm
265 pages
Essays, Theory, Art History

Rethinking dismissive definitions of “applied” art, Alison Britton’s collected writings reveal ceramics as an exploratory field that reflects on itself, in dialogue with many other areas of inquiry such as gender and cultural studies. Britton, one of today’s leading ceramists and a writer on craft, has chosen a range of her own texts from essays to book reviews and interviews, which demonstrate a continuing desire to test the boundaries of her practice. ‘Seeing Things’ is essential reading not only for fellow ceramists but also anyone interested in the role of materiality and making in the wider cultural field.

Softcover. Colour illustrations. English text.

  1. Alison Britton: Seeing Things (Collected Writing On Art, Craft A

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