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Modern Laundry: An Exploration of Ruin, Obsolescence, and Awakening

Ben O'Neil
Artists' Books
23 × 15.5 cm
72 pages
Essays, Risograph, Illustration, Photography

Modern Laundry is an exploration of ruin and obsolescence on a variety of scales, from architectural monoliths to the garbage and detritus of late capitalism. Collected from writing and images submitted by 25 artists across North America, the book was curated and designed by Ben O’Neil and risographed by Colour Code, Toronto.

Modern Laundry features content from Isaac Maier, Dave ball, Brandon Celi, Qendrim Hoti, Mark Laliberte, Mallory Donen, Andrew Savery-Whiteway, Vera Saltzman, Matthew Volpe, Joy Webster, Aaron Moore, Erich Deleeuw, Justin Gray, Owen Marshall, Katie Nakaska, Jess Baldanza, Magida El-Kassis, Zachary Ouellette, Magdalena Milosz, Blair Swann, Josi Smit, Christy Lundy, Dillon Nusca, Jesse Sarkis, and Heidi Berton.

  1. modern laundry

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