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Queer City, a reader

Júlia Ayerbe
Publication Studio Guelph
Artists' Books
Essays, Culture, Arts Writing, LGBTQ2S+

A collection of essays, artistic contributions, and two inserted zines, Queer City, a reader was developed as part of an 18-month inquiry in São Paulo. Initiated by and ArtsEverywhere/Musagetes, the Queer City program was a broad collective inquiry into how can we understand the contemporary city through a queer, intersectional, non-normative lens. The program included a series of encounters, dinners, residencies, and performances, and Queer City, a reader reconfigures these moments into a new form, extending the inquiry trans-nationally.

With contributions by Todd Lanier Lester, Shawn Van Sluys, Jota Mombaça, Bruno Mendonça and Nat Cout, João Marcelo and Claudio Bueno, Juliana Santos, Thiago Carrapatoso, Bibi Abigail, Carué Contreiras, Bruno Puccinelli, Vitor Grunvald, Kadija, Regis Mikail, Sabrina Duran, Jean-François Prost, Niki Singleton, Thiago Hersan, Ternura Radical, and the Queer Graphics Laboratory.

Designed by Laura Davinas of Edições Aurora/Publication Studio São Paulo

Softcover, perfect-bound, b/w

  1. queer city, a reader

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