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  1. Jessica Baldanza: FASS-GUT: set of 3
  2. Jessica Baldanza: FASS-GUT
  3. Casey Wei: Ecstatic Essays No. 03: Ozu’s Seasons
  4. Erin Christovale and Amir George: Black Radical Imagination
  5. Nocturnal Fabulations
  6. Mark Lewis: Inventio
  7. Nicole Brenez: “We Support Everything since the Dawn of Time That Has Struggled and Still Struggles”:  Introduction to Lettrist Cinema
  8. Manuel Saiz: 24 24 Hour Psycho Sequels
  9. Kevin Schmidt: EDM House
  10. Jaap Pieters and John Porter: 8 Affinities
  11. Main Character’s Costume from Life of a Craphead’s Film “Bugs” (2015) with Drugs in it, with Contract (2013)
  12. Romauld Kutera
  13. Robert Slifkin: Bruce Nauman: Going Solo