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  1. Faye Mullen: a practice in falling
  2. New Fries: Fresh Face Forward
  3. brady cranfield and Jamie Hilder: Night Shift
  4. Man
  5. Johnny Young / William Judge
  6. Duane Linklater: untitled walk
  7. The Thing Quarterly - Issue 24: Rodarte
  8. Fleshtone Auras/Dylan Nyoukis Split LP
  9. William Ashley Cooper: The Collected Works
  10. Michael Horwood: Musique Concrète Realizations
  11. Matthew ’Doc’ Dunn: Tecumseh
  13. Jacob Whibley: endianness
  14. John Oswald: prePlexure (David Bowie signature)
  15. John Oswald: prePlexure (Boy George signature)
  16. John Oswald: prePlexure (Bruce Springsteen signature)
  17. John Oswald: prePlexure (Cher signature)
  18. Aidan Baker, Eric Chenaux, Ryan Driver, and Josh Thorpe: Art Metronome 002
  19. Dave Allen: The Mirrored Catalogue D’Oiseaux