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Border Crossings Issue No. 126

23 × 30 × 0.7 cm


Meeka Walsh’s poetic consideration of Peter Handke’s biography of his mother, A Sorrow Beyond Dreams. “He’s working against expediency, against the natural inclination for ease, retreat and protection, and gathering the pieces out of which to make a biography sufficient to remember. Putting in place the person he can remember, and wary of the effects of his making.”


Robert Enright muses about the powerful, timely documentary, Spring and Arnaud, directed by Marcia Connolly and Katherine Knight. “Spring and Arnaud demonstrates that the past can be made a living thing…all histories recognize that what is lost can be given new life in the present.”


Paul Cherwick, Claire Blanchet and Heather O’Neill, Patrick Mahon, and Laura Marotta.


Shary Boyle: the exclusive interview with the Venice Biennale’s Canadian representative on her vision, creation, and fruition of her exceptional new work. Julia Dault discusses her natural evolution from successful art critic to critically acclaimed artist.

Karel Funk on his mysterious hooded, faceless subjects, and his acknowledged debt to Renaissance portrait painters.

Charles Stankievech: the artist/researcher, writer/publisher, and critic/curator talks about “the DEW Project,” and “Magnetic Norths,” his merging of art and science and the other-wordly works that result.


Daniel Baird’s carefully considered essay on The Ineluctable East; rich with exotic contradictions and enticements.


John Kissick’s smart and provocative thoughts on Janet Werner’s recent paintings; Gary Michael Dault on rising artist Beth Stuart and her highly crafted art; Robin Laurence on one of Canada’s most historically significant and at the same time contemporary artists, Michael Morris; Lee Henderson on Tim Gardner‘s breathtakingly fine watercolour works, E C Woodley on Sky Glabush‘s endless transformations.


Portfolios featuring new work by Jutai Toonoo, featuring an introduction by Sarah Milroy, and Winnipeg artist Sarah Anne Johnson, introduced by Editor Meeka Walsh.

POETRY by Catherine Greenwood

An extensive Crossovers section including Kelly Richardson, Melanie Authier, Janet Cardiff, Jon Sasaki, Patrick Howlett, Emmy Skensved, Cliff Eyland, Kelly Jazvac and Kelly Wood, Gerard Byrne, Garry Neill Kennedy, and NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star, “Border Cultures: Part One (homes, land),” and “Natural Motif: Lorraine Gilbert and Natasha Mazurka.”


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