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Shades of Galleria Mall Print

Shari Kasman
20.3 × 25.4 cm

This 8 × 10” print on uncoated cardstock features the Malltone shades that serve as the colour palette for Toronto’s Galleria Mall.

Shari Kasman developed the Galleria Colour Identification System in 2016 by examining the colours of Galleria Mall at 1245 Dupont Street. Shari then selected the most dominant shades that appeared. In doing so, she created a means of identifying all the shades of the Galleria’s Malltone colours: Galleria Green, Galleria Brown, and Galleria Gold.

On this poster are Galleria Green A1 to A4, Galleria Brown A1 to A4, Galleria Gold A1 to A4, Galleria Golden Green D1, Galleria Golden Brown E1, Galleria Brown-Green F1, and Galleria Green-Brown G1.

Shipped on a rigid board in a plastic sleeve.


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