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Home for Lost Ideas Edited by Catherine Griffiths and Dan Rees

John Baldessari, Liam Gillick, Jonathan Monk, Anri Sala, Sophie Calle, and Dan Starling
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Artists' Books
Linen Hardcover
19 × 29 × 1.8 cm

Home for Lost Ideas is a publication allowing artists to revisit ideas they left behind. With contributions by artists such as John Baldessari, Sophie Calle, Liam Gillick, Jonathan Monk, Anri Sala, and Simon Starling, among others, this publication provides a place for the bad, the unfinished, and the impossible ideas that were never realized, a place where these projects could exist alongside each other. It is a collection of abandoned projects, an exhibition that can only be visited through the printed description of the unrealized work.



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