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Mousse #31

Mousse Publishing
27 × 37.5 × 1 cm

JONATHAS DE ANDRADE: The Advantage of Being Numb by Stuart Comer

CHANTAL AKERMAN: No Idolatry and Loosing Everything that Made You a Slave by Elisabeth Lebovici

AKRAM ZAATARI: The Political Is Personal by Alessandro Rabottini

TALKING ABOUT: To Show or Not To Show by Jens Hoffmann and Maria Lind

SADIE BENNING: Transitory States by Tina Kukielski

REPRINT: So Be It by Nicolás Guagnini

SEAN LANDERS: No Intention To Fail by Beatrix Ruf

TALKING ABOUT: Progress Is Everyone’s Business by Chelsea Haines

NICE TO MEET YOUTRISHA BAGA: Hands-on by Esperanza Rosales

NICE TO MEET YOUERICK BELTRÁN: Some Fundamental Postulates by Max Andrews

NICE TO MEET YOUEDUARDO BASUALDO: Logic of the Body by Cecilia Alemani


Books by Stefano Cernuschi

TEN FUNDAMENTAL QUESTIONS OF CURATING: Chapter 7:What About Collecting? by Jens Hoffmann, Sofía Hernández, Chong Cuy, visuals by Mario Garcia Torres

NEW YORKLUCY RAVEN: Anamorphic Materialism by Fionn Meade

LOS ANGELESLIZ GLYNN: The Rise and Fall of Liz Glynn by Andrew Berardini

LONDONIAN LAW: One Place After Another by Pavel Pys´

BERLINDANI GAL: History Channel by Ana Teixeira Pinto

PARIS – NEÏL BELOUFA: All Is Magic by Jarrett Gregory

Diary by Antonio Scoccimarro

LOST & FOUND: Scrutinize, Interrogate, Scrape. Gianikian and Ricci Lucchi Explore Without Surrendering to History by Andrea Lissoni

TALKING ABOUT: The Cinema as a Wayward Form… by Christopher Eamon

IAN WILSON: There was a discussion…by Hans Ulrich Obrist

WHAT’S ALTERNATIVE? ALTERNATIVE TO WHAT?: Anthony Huberman and Yasmil Raymond by Vincenzo de Bellis

HANK WILLIS THOMAS: I Am. Amen by Luigi Fassi

TALKING ABOUT: The Publishing & Exhibiting Questionnaire by Francesco Garutti and Francesco Valtolina

EDWARD KIENHOLZ: A marvellously vulgar artist! by Anja Nathan-Dorn



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