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Adamant (pendant)

Luis Jacob
Partners In Art
3 × 2.5 × 0.3 cm

Much like actual jewels, these pendants absorb ambient light and refract it all around. Indeed this is what we all do – as impressionable persons going about in our daily ways. This is what we all are — as sentient and embodied beings catching energy from the world around us in this process we call experience, then digesting this energy, transforming it and sending it back out into the world so that it may be caught up again by others, in this process we call culture. We are each a prism or jewel, that like glinting antennas receive and transmit energy, to form a cultural world sparkling all around.

– Luis Jacob

Published by Partners in Art to benefit the The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery. Includes information card. Edition of 100, numbered.


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