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The Arms of His Ill (CD)

The Hidden Cameras
Absolutely Kosher Records
14.1 × 12.4 × 0.1 cm

The exquisite 10 inch vinyl release now in CD format. Written, performed, and recorded by Joel Gibb and the Hidden Cameras. Extraordinary art work of the LP, includes front cover by Paul P, back cover by G.B. Jones, front insert by Will Munro (Photo by Bruce LaBruce), back insert by Daryl Vocat, labels by Luis Jacob, adapted to the CD format. Designed by Joel Gibb. Layout by Daniel Bergquist. Companion piece to the Hidden Camera’s LP Mississauga Goddam.


1. Music is my Boyfriend

2. Bboy

3. In the Union of Wine

4. Doot Doot Plot

5. Fear is On

6. Builds in the Bone

7. Mississauga Goddam

8. I Burn My Seed


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