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Sorry (Second Edition)

Cathy Busby
Saint Mary's University Art Gallery
Artists' Books
12.7 × 12.3 × 0.8 cm

The occasions for public remorse have recently multiplied and radically changed. The appalling crimes and catastrophes of the past century-with the Holocaust and Hiroshima at its centre-established a double whammy of post-modern anxiety. “Sorry” is a catalogue of an exhibition where Busby’s subjects publically apologize for their wrongs. Almost entirely white men with a sprinkling of women and people of colour, their trembling lips and media frenzied ‘sorry’s’ are profoundly and neatly compacted in this book.

This second edition, produced in conjunction with Busby’s show at COFAspace with the Centre for Contemporary Art & Politics, Sydney, includes the addition of “Sorry (Kevin Rudd)” and a new essay by Jennifer Biddle about this apology for injustices commited on Austrailia’s Aborigine population by the Austrailian Prime Minister.

  1. Sorry (Second Edition)

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