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Elspeth Pratt

Elspeth Pratt
Charles H.Scott Gallery
Artists' Books
15.5 × 21 × 2.5 cm

The first monograph published on the work of Canadian artist Elspeth Pratt that spans her career to date. For twenty-eight years Pratt has been producing sculptural work that negotiates the line between abstraction and representation to explore architecture and public space. Working with everyday “impoverished materials”, the artist engages with ideas of doubt, the precarious, and the built environment.

Elspeth Pratt has exhibited her work nationally and internationally for three decades. Recent exhibitions include Second Date, a large-scale public art project at Off Site commissioned by the Vancouver Art Gallery and Nonetheless at the Cooley Art Gallery in Portland, Oregon. She teaches at Simon Fraser University where she is Associate Director of the School for Contemporary Arts.

The monograph includes texts by Lorna Brown, Lisa Robertson, Bitter/Webber, Matthew Stadler, Oliver Neumann, and Stephanie Snyder with a foreword by Kathy Slade.


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