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the PEOPs Show Volume 1 DVD Release 2

13.5 × 19 × 0.5 cm

The PEOPs Show reinterprets the portraits and stories from Fly’s book PEOPS. A live cinema work with original score, The PEOPs Show brings together Fly’s art and the words of each PEOP in their own voices. In this collection, John Perry Barlow talks about his agenda of death, and Trina Robbins revisits the ’89 quake. Wendy-O Matik shares her tactics for urban composting while John Hall muses on slam poetry, along with many others.

About Killer Banshee: As a duo, Kriss De Jong and Eliot K Daughtry perform live video at events including PeaceOUT and Illuminated Corridor. Known for combining their art with material from collaborators and public domain, their improvisational style of video synthesis mesmerizes audiences and performers alike. Recent projects include work with Lynn Breedlove and Juba Kalamka.

About Fly: Well known for her work in zines and comix, Fly has been published in the Village Voice, the SF Bay Guardian, Juxtapoz, Maximum Rock and Roll, and numerous other publications. PEOPS is her second book, published on Soft Skull Press in 2003.

  1. the PEOPs Show Volume 1 DVD Release 2

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