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Four and Sons 01

8.5 × 11 inches

Contributing writers: Jọo Bento, Andie Cusick, Meredith Forrester, Amy Freeborn, Robb Fritz, Sophie Gamand, Nisha Gopalan, Emma Guthrie, Jinnie Lee, Kendall Meade, Will Morley, Max Olijnyk, Mallory Rice, Fiorella Valdesolo

Contributing photographers: Kate Ballis, Jọo Bento, Curtis Buchanan, Todd Cole, Sophie Gamand, Beth Garrabrant, Jung Kim, Steve Ryan, Bill Stepanoski

Contributing illustrators: Josh Gurrie, Stephen Eichhorn

“In our premiere issue, we pay homage to iconic photographer Elliott Erwitt, whose waggish black and whites of such figures as Marilyn Monroe and Fidel Castro are rivaled only by hundreds more of dogs. We explore artists whose work is inspired by dogs Guggenheim Fellow Mark Ruwedels wistful pictures of abandoned doghouses in the desert, Sony Photography Award winner Sophie Gamands disarming portraits of sopping-wet dogs and, conversely, those whose dogs inspire them. For Chris Johanson and Johanna Jackson, their Brussels Griffin, Raisin, has witnessed the creative couple’s meteoric rise from San Francisco street artists to contemporary art icons. Sleigh Bells raven-haired, tattoo-sleeved frontwoman Alexis Krauss. bull terrier Rizla keeps her company on tour and even barked a cameo on the bands record, Bitter Rivals. There are tales about dogs real (Nipper, the HMV dog) and imagined (Dave Eggers star-crossed mutt). And we’ve dug up an obscure collection by Peter Hujarhe of the infamous Candy Darling on her Deathbed starring animals and nudes.”

  1. Four and Sons 01

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