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hello mr. : issue 6

Hello Mr. Magazine
17 × 24 × 1 cm
Interview, Photography, Fashion

We experiment to push the boundaries of what we believe is possible. At a young age, perhaps we create this challenge to better understand the world. As adults, to better understand ourselves. And as we expand those boundaries, the risks increase along with it. Our sixth cover, shot by filmmaker and photographer Matt Lambert, represents that personal expedition. The intimate photo series serves as a periscope into Berlin’s club culture, documenting the innate desire to experiment, to chase curiosity, to be dangerous. Pursing the unexplored was a particularly prominent theme in this issue. A Midwest school teacher hires an escort. A man leaves the house with a purse. A photographer takes a spontaneous road trip. However you define it, experimentation is growth. It challenges those ideals of “should” and “supposed to,” but always leads us to something new.

More than a magazine, Hello Mr. is a community of men who date men starting new conversations about their interests, loves, hopes, and fears. We are free-thinking men with a keen sense of style, insight, and humor. The Hello Mr. “mister” prides himself on emotional intuition and champions his individuality above everything else. Since launching in April 2013, Hello Mr. has gathered the interest of misters all around the world who seek out authenticity and meaningful experiences. Published twice a year, each issue reflects the everyday experiences of our misters and their companions, in a neatly-curated museum carefully built to exhibit a universal story of gay men today.

  1. hello mr issue 6

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