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People are a light to Love: Memorial Drawings, 2004-2016

Veronica De Jesus
RITE Editions
Artists' Books
15.3 × 22.7 × 2 cm
267 pp

Veronica De Jesus worked on memorial drawings for 12 years. From 2004-2016, the artist commemorated people she knew or who inspired her in some way. De Jesus made over 300 portraits, most of which were exhibited in the window of Dog-Eared Books in the Mission District of San Francisco. The project was beloved, and now is recalled by those sidewalk-passerbys who slowed down and took a moment to remember.

People are a light to Love offers a summation of the completed memorial project. The publication, like much of De Jesus’s work, reflects on loss and how it plays out over time.

Text by Garrett Caples: Pictures of Gone Worlds: Lives of Veronica De Jesus.

Softcover, perfect-bound, colour
Edition of 500

  1. People are a light to Love
  2. People are a light to Love

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