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Equilibrio: Linda Karshan – Art, Architecture and Sacred Geometry in conversation

Linda Karshan
Beam Editions
25.3 × 19.4 cm
120 pp
Drawing, Architecture

Equilibrio explores 25 years of artist Linda Karshan’s drawings since the early 90s. The book presents the artist’s work in the context of Venice. The city’s art and architecture is synonymous with sacred geometry, a theme that continually reoccurs in Karshan’s work.

The artist’s drawings are presented alongside a photo essay of Venice with an essay by Richard Davey. Equilibrio creates a new interpretation of the artist’s work and a fresh look at this extraordinary city.

Through a unique drawing technique that involves leaning into the drawing and balancing on one foot, Karshan has intensively explored geometric pattern. The underlying ‘balance’ in the drawings has a natural synergy with a city built on lagoons and traversed by waterways.

Published on the occasion of a 2018 exhibition at the world famous Chiesa San Giorgio Maggiore.

With additional contributions from Abbot Norberto Villa, Carmelo Grasso, Elisabetta Bresciani and a photographic essay by Sam Holgate.

Hardcover, colour.

  1. Equilibrio

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