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Charley 03

Maurizio Cattelan
8.8 × 11.9 × 1 cm

Edited by Maurizio Cattelan, Massimiliano Gioni and Ali Subotnick.

Charley 03 presents one hundred artists from the 80s and 90s. Playing with memory and amnesia, this magazine style publication presents the works that have shaped two decades of contemporary art within a new frame- In this issue Charley 03 speaks about the instability of taste as it undermines the hierarchies of art history. See also the first issue which featured 400 emerging artists from around the world, selected by a pool of international artists, curators, critics and art professionals. Charley 02 provided a snapshot of the New York City art season in 2001-2002. Charley is powered by the Deste Foundation, Athens.

  1. Charley 03

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