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Fake Titel

Rachel Harrison
Walther Konig
Artists' Books
23 × 29.5 × 1.5 cm

Since the 1990s, Rachel Harrison (born 1966) has developed a colorful and delightfully grotesque sculptural idiom out of the most contemporary detritus-styrofoam, plastic buckets, vacuum cleaners-which she blends with slapstick humor and art historical and pop cultural references. Fake Titel presents sculptures and drawings from three recent series: The Help (2012), the large-scale installation Incidents of Travel in Yucatan (2011) and the photographic suite Sunset Series (2000-2012). The Help examines the roles of the artist, the muse and the ‘help,’ mixing found objects with abstract forms; Incidents of Travel in Yucatan is a mixed-media installation including a wall of pedestals, autonomous sculptures, and video; and the Sunset Series comprises 31 photographs of a single source image, a photograph of a sunset. In each photograph in the series, shot on 35mm film, the artist physically manipulates the found snapshot to create a new image.

  1. Fake Titel

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