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The Gourmand 03

The Gourmand Quarterly
20 × 28.5 × 0.7 cm

The Gourmand Quarterly Food and Culture Journal.

Editor: David Lane & Marina Tweed.

Contributor editor: Patrick Baglee, Nadine Monem, Rod Stanley.

Contributor writers: Patrick Baglee, Sam Bompas, Tim Burrows, Janine Catalano, Clare Considine, Louisa Elderton, Holly Ellyatt, Natasha Hoare, Kyle Hugall, Nadine Monem, Rod Stanley, Paul Teasdale, The Urdal

Contributor photographers: Gustav Almestål, Paolo di Lucente, Sat Bulsara, Robin Friend, Luke Kirwan, Fergus McDonald, Benjamin McMahon, Amber Rowlands.

Contributor Illustrators: Jamie Brown, Paul Davis, Thibaud Herem, Jean Julien, Yann Le Bec.


1. ?Milton Glaser: The Underground Gourme

2. Save Our Bacon

3. Tradizione, Costruzione

4. Peta O’Brien: Tools of Her Trade

5. Toasting

6. John Baldessari: Yours in Food

7. I Was a Teenage Little Chef Supervisor

8. Sunday Specials

9. Petrelle

10. Driving Light

11. Levande Arkivet (The Living Archive)

12. As Kurdish as Fish and Chips

13. Before Things Change

14. After the Ortolan

15. Maggio

16. Smak Polski

17. Long Live the Living: Les Blank

18. The Sloe Jameson Fizz by Oisin Davis

19. CSissel Tolaas Remembers: Lutefisk

20. Recipes

  1. The Gourmand 03

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