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Engaged Mag no.3

Bachel Steward
14.4 × 14.4 × 2 cm
, CD

ENGAGED is an arts magazine like no other, hailing from London, UK. Issue #3 comes on CD-ROM and is set in a 3D rendered public lavatory featuring the work of eleven digital artists: Claudia Herbst, Paul Ramsey & Oona Campbell, Carl Stevenson, Geoff Stocker,Katie Waters, Kath Moonan, Tony Patrickson, John Cayley (Mac only), Ronald Fraser Munro, Martha Aitchinson. Plus a visit to “Strike” arts project.

This issue comes in a clear plastic circular case with a cork centre holding the silver CD-ROM.

Funded by The Arts Council of England.

Minimum system requirements:

68030 or better
System 7
4 MB free RAM
13” colour screen

MPC2 recommended
Windows 3.1 (or later)
4 MB free RAM
SVGA Graphic Capability

  1. Engaged Mag no.3

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