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Schwarz: weiss/weiss: schwarz (black: white/white: black), 1928/29

Kurt Kranz
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14.5 × 18.3 × 1 cm

schwarz : weiß/weiß : schwarz [black : white/white : black] Kurt Kranz developed the form series “schwarz : weiß/weiß : schwarz” (1928/29) at the age of 18 during his lithography apprenticeship. He created the forty ink drawings with a drawing pen, compass and angle iron. At a lecture in Bielefeld he showed the work to László Moholy-Nagy who then supported Kranz’s application to Bauhaus Dessau. One of Kurt Kranz’s central artistic strategies is already visible in “schwarz : weiß/ weiß : schwarz”, working with series, variations and transformations. In the early 1930s Wassily Kandinsky planned to publish this work, but the Great Depression prevented it. In 1972 Kranz realized the form series as an experimental film. This publication is a reproduction of the only bound copy of the work from 1929.

Paperback Edition of 900

  1. Schwarz: weiss/weiss: schwarz (black: white/white: black), 1928/

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