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  1. Alec Finlay: Mesostic herbarium label
  2. Alec Finlay: Two fields of wheat seeded with a poppy-poem
  3. Alec Finlay: Mesostic Laboratorium (Notebook)
  4. Alec Finlay: Thought Cloud Jotter
  5. Alec Finlay: RosenGarten
  6. Mesostic Herbarium
  7. Alec Finlay: Bynames Handkerchief
  8. Richard Long: Selected Walks 1979-96
  9. Alec Finlay: One Hundred Year Star-Diary
  10. Alec Finlay: Book Of Questions
  11. Alec Finlay: Turning Toward Living
  12. Alec Finlay: Wind Blown Cloud
  13. David Shrigley: Grip
  14. Hamish Fulton: Wild Life
  15. David Shrigley: Windhosen