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Mossless Issue 2

Mossless Magazine
13.5 × 17 × 1.5 cm

The second issue of this photography magazine features a number of artists and is themed around a central essay. The opening paragraph (included below) describes the intent of the issue.

We come to learn that we must not look into the sun long before the time our memory serves us and yet we constantly defy our nature in campfires and eclipses as well as screens: our pupils are moths to their scarcely bearable light. Our new flames stand at an advantage however for they contain data as well as social media, the network concept nurtured by the chemically replete well of social anxiety. We must therefore recognise that we live in an era that will pass when digital media will no longer need backlight for support and when social media evolves into a biologically entangled format. Once this time passes it will inevitably become historic and its art (or should I say our art) is distinguishable within this temporal context. Our art aims to appease our new cosmic digital being like the Incan sacrifices and creations in praise of their sun god, Inti. Our art raises to appearance the internet’s socially disruptive duplication of souls. It responds to the crest of a new human existence; a veritable Second Life. The question now is not “what shape will we claim when we break out?” Rather, “what colour will we paint our flag?”

Inkjet printed on recycled paper and bound at our apartment in Long Island City, Queens NY.

  1. Mossless Issue 2

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