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Fence Issue#26

Fence Books
17.7 × 23 × 1.4 cm

Editor’s Note

Rebecca Wolff: Publishing is Personal


Betsy Andrews: excerpt from The Bottom

Sam Truitt: Two Poems

Tomaz? S?alamun (trans. Michael Thomas Taren): Five Poems

Melissa Broder: Three Poems

Raphael Rubinstein: Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackboard

Broc Rossell: Two Poems

Montreux Rotholtz: Two Poems

Steven Alvarez: Two Poems

Kathleen Ossip: The Do-Over

Mike Lala: After Cy Twombly’s The Fire That Consumes All Before It and Jonah Bokaer’s Performance “On Vanishing,” During Lee Ufan’s Retrospective at the Guggenheim

Cement Pond, L.L.C.Country DJs Will Never Play This

Danniel Schoonebeek: Nectarines

Angelo Nikolopoulos: Obscenely Yours

Michael Joseph Walsh: Scaffolding

Rebecca Kosick: Three Poems

Lou Lamanna: “You Cannot Light a Ghost of Fire”

Mark Bibbins: The Editors

Hannah Brooks-Motl: Two Poems

Adam Fitzgerald: Two Poems

Daniel Borzutsky: What Are the Murmurs of the Rotten Carcass Economy?

Kent Leatham: Three Poems

Mark Levine: Three Poems

Fiction edited by Rick Moody

Shelley Jackson: Simon Says,

David Ryan: The Canyon

Carol LaHines: The Operating System

Staff Fiction

Dorothy Albertini: For Worms

Amanda GoldblattTV

Craig Foltz: The Bean Counters

Zachary Lazar: In the Presence of My Enemies


Matt Reeck: A Dialectic of Cultural Tradition

American War Greetings!

with Tanks on the Beach by Bridget O’Brien

Harry Leeds: Terrific the Tiger

Lucy Ives: The New Disappointment: A Response

Rick Moody: Tornados

  1. Fence Issue#26

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