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Listening Choir

Adam Kinner and Christopher Willes
Christopher Willes
28 × 43 cm

“The Listening Choir is hearing things. Our choir is silent and our songs are movements. We hear loud things, and unheard things, what’s been drowned out or quieted, what’s been softened by history; the endless refrain of the city. Some of the loudest things are inaudible, but we live in the aftermath of their force. We’re orienting there, to the loudness and to the aftermath, to the echo and its displacements. But if hearing could be moving, then our songs are wholly unlocated – a way of listening deprived of centrality. Here we propose ten scores of dispersion, ten ways to move together in disarming loudness.”

Listening Choir, Summerworks Festival, 2015.
Project: Christopher Willes and Adam Kinner
Print Design: Jeremy McCormick

  1. listening choir

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