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Small Soft & Round

Basil AlZeri
Basil AlZeri
11 × 17 in

Small Soft and Round (2015) is a two-sided, text-based multiple based on a series of transcribed conversations between the artist (Basil AlZeri) and his mother (Suad). The work is taken from video footage recorded by the artist and presented in the form of a film script. In the scene, Suad teaches Basil how to make Kaa’ek: small, soft and round cookies filled with dates, anise, and topped with sesame. The dialogue ebbs and flows between focused culinary lessons and observant cultural commentary. Here, everyday cultural practice is framed as performance and distributed as a giveaway.

This project is part of a long-term collaboration/conversation between Basil and Suad. Since 2011, they have worked on food-based projects including The Mobile Kitchen Lab and Pull, Sort, Hang, Dry and Crush.

Open edition.

Xerox paper.

  1. Small Soft and Rount (front)
  2. Small Soft and Rount (back)

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