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Savory Selections - VHS

Random Man Editions
12.5 × 20 × 2.7 cm

If you blink your eyes rapidly enough the world begins to look like a weird flickering animation. This may cause permanent damage to your ORBICULARIS OCULI (eyelid muscle) or it may beef it up to a super-steroidal level that knocks your glasses off your face all the time. This is probably the best way to prepare your eyebrain for SAVORY SELECTIONS, the most breathtaking assemblage of contemporary “fucked-up style…and beyond” animation since Winsor McKay rode Gertie the Dinosaur into the Tron laser getting bitmapped and reconstituted as a GIF backpatch in a cybersquat in a boarded up GameStop at the mall. If that doesn’t sound like fun to you, you should have your ears pierced… with a katana blade, that continues on through your neck, because you’ve forgotten what ‘fun’ is. But seriously folks, this is a magical mixtape of experimental video and animation encompassing a huge array of contempo approaches, all killer and no filler, suitable for projection on any classroom wall, DIY basement during anal funk band, museum trustee boardroom’s descending ceiling-mounted screen, 50-foot-yacht sail, planetarium roof, or human stomach.

Savory Selections is a polished mixtape and polystylistic compilation of short video works by 15 artists on limited edition VHS and DVD with accompanying booklet.

Features: Melissa Brown, Jacob Ciocci, Char Esme, Wednesday Kim, Nick Lane, Amy Lockhart, Daniel Luedtke, Ben Mendelewicz, Peter Millard, Nino Mora, Michael O’Dell, Ivo Stoop, Devin Tamiazzo, Echo Theohar & Ray Ting

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