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Walter Benjamin's Berlin Childhood circa 1900: Translated and with commentary by Carl Skoggard

Carl Skoggard
Walter Benjamin
Publication Studio Hudson
Artists' Books
4.5 × 6.5 × 0.8 Inches
326 pp
Personal Texts, Arts Writing, Essays

This book of new research and commentary by Carl Skoggard brings philosopher Walter Benjamin’s engaging autobiographical text into a new translation that is faithful to Benjamin’s voice. Berlin Childhood circa 1900, Skoggard writes, “conjures Benjamin’s earliest years in a series of mysterious tableaux. But it also reflects an urgent moment in his adult life—one that posed challenges to everything he had thought and felt previously.” Publication Studio’s “Jank Edition” is illustrated with thirty black & white photographs and includes a foldable, color map of Berlin, circa 1900, offset-printed by Container Corps, Portland, Ore.

  1. Berlin Childhood Circa 1900

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