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Safe & Sound Deluxe Edition

Alona Rodeh
The Green Box
Artists' Books
21 × 30 × 0.9 cm
41 pp
Booklet, Poster, Fashion

Safe & Sound Deluxe Edition looks into the past and present of various audiovisual expressions of safety, and their adaptations into popular and subcultural aesthetics, from early modern times up to our days. The Safe & Sound Deluxe Edition illustrated text booklet consists of essays by Shachar Atwan, Fabrizio Gallanti, and Hillel Schwartz, tackling in different manners, respectively, the history of high-visibility clothing, fire regulations in architecture, and the phenomenon of acoustic alarms as seen from a neurologic, sociological and cultural perspective. The Safe & Sound double-sided poster collection set includes 12 pairs of images, produced, staged, and and matched by Rodeh as a visual complement and counterpoint to the essays.

Text in English and Hebrew
Slipcase with staple-bound booklet and six A2 size double-sided colour posters

  1. Safe & Sound Deluxe Edition
  2. safe & sound

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