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Border Crossings Issue No. 155

Border Crossings
30 × 23 cm
148 pp
Canadian, Contemporary Art

Issue 155
November 2020
The Matter of Black Lives

Through the Eyes of Another: Black and Visible
Meeka Walsh

The Painter’s Language and the Language of Painting
Amy Sillman

Cinema Like the Music
“Love Is The Message, The Message Is Death” directed by Arthur Jafa
Robert Enright

Pressure on Verbal Matter:
Dionne Brand and the Making of Language
Robert Enright

Esmaa Mohamoud:
Game Changer
Robert Enright, Meeka Walsh

The Song of Her Self:
The Irrepressible Art of Tschabalala Self
Robert Enright, Meeka Walsh

The Unstoppable Paintings of Philip Guston
David Elliott

Quilt World:
Rosie Lee Tompkins and the Ordinary Sublime
Daniel Baird

Donald Judd
Sotirios Kotoulas & Karline Moeller

Studies of Vacancy:
Kim Ondaatje and the House on Piccadilly Street
Renée van der Avoird

Three Poems
by Chimwemwe Undi

Àbadakone / Continuous Fire
Tammer El-Sheikh

‘SIXSIXSIX’ by Samuel Fosso
Luther Konadu

Joani Tremblay:
“What Makes Life Worth Living”
James D. Campbell

Rick Leong
Farid Djamalov

“Madiha Aijaz: Memorial for the lost pages”
Althea Thauberger, Pagal Pagal Pagal Pagal Filmy Duniya
Robin Laurence

‘Molatham’ by Scott Caruth
Alexandra Symons Sutcliffe

Taqralik Partridge, curved against the hull of a peterhead
Jesse Ruddock

Hinterland Remixed: Media, Memory, and the Canadian 1970s’ by Andrew Burke
Sarah Sheehan

Moyra Davey Index Cards
Mitch Speed

“Relations: Diaspora and Painting”
Cameron Skene

“Agnes Pelton: Desert Transcendentalist”
Joseph R. Wolin

  1. Border Crossings Issue No. 155

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