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Drawn To The Pencil; Dark Light Glitter

Rebekka Hilmer Heltoft
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In Drawn To The Pencil; Dark Light Glitter, Rebekka Hilmer Heltoft weaves the personal experience of losing her father as a small child with references to Kiki’s Delivery Service by Hayao Miyazaki, Agnes Martin’s last drawing, pillows, a self portrait by Albrecht Dürer, an Emily Dickinson poem, a photograph of Gordon Matta Clark as a baby next to an Alberto Giacometti sculpture, and more. The book speaks to the processing of loss and making space for absence._ Drawn To The Pencil_ investigates and blends dichotomies of presence and absence, the concrete and the abstract. Perspectives and scales shift, and make space for other ways of being and staying in contact. It is about nothing less than finding meaning, and how to live with life and death.

  1. Rebekka Hilmer Heltoft

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