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The Raspberry Reich

Bruce LaBruce
Strand Releasing Home Video
13.5 × 19 cm

Canadian sexploitation filmmaker Bruce LaBruce went to Germany to write and direct the satire Raspberry Reich, inspired by real-life ’70s radical group the Baader-Meinhof gang. East German dominatrix Gudrun (Susanne Sachsse) leads a revolutionary group in Berlin, where she makes her gang of revolutionary hunks have sex with one another and fight the hetero establishment. She then has her men kidnap the son of a rich businessman in order to gain publicity. The film explores what LaBruce calls “terrorist chic,” and every line in the film would look good spray-painted on the side of a building. A hail of machine-gun fire intercuts each scene and there must be a total of fifteen solid minutes of full-screen red and black strobing in the film. Simply brilliant.

  1. The Raspberry Reich

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