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Performance Saga, Interview 03, Monika Günther

Monika Günther
Edition Fink
13.7 × 18.9 cm

Monika Günther prefers modest means and the power of the present moment. She follows the lead of her intuition, often through encounters and found objects. In her development, the German artist Monika Günther evolved from painting to process work and performances in 1982. Since then, either in solo performances or duos with her long-standing partner Ruedi Schill.

In her interview with Andrea Saemann and Chris Regn, Monika Günther talks about her work and the conditions under which it came into being. The DVD edition includes a booklet with and article by Helge Meyer.

Edited by Andrea Saemann and Katrin Grögel. 49 minutes. German with English subtitles. Booklet in German and English.

For private use only.

  1. Performance Saga, Interview 03, Monika Günther

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