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Journal d'Echo 1990/2010/2011

Les Complices *
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32 × 47 cm

In fall 2010, the exhibition “Chambres d’Echo” at Les Complices * Archival and references to feminist symposium “Science, Arts & everything else”, which took place in 1990 in the Museum of Design in Basel. Over 40 hours of video recordings of the many lectures, readings, concerts and panel discussions in the run of the exhibition were digitized and archived there and shown on monitors. In addition, some of the participants of the Symposium of 1990 and a number of other guests were invited to the exhibition and in particular the events produce in open plan in the form of references to the archive material gathered.

The information gathered in the publication Journal d’Echo posts are almost exclusively taken during the exhibition and the events or Chambres d’echo in response. In terms of a reversal or further re-reading them attempt to both the symposium, as well as to tie the exhibition and events, translations and make them reflect critically. Here take the articles on issues and concerns of the symposium, they ask for the meaning of the resulting archive and the feminist movements and shifts of political positions and the debates within the outlined time horizon are always new interest.

Contributions by Ariane Andereggen, Sabina Baumann, Katharina Brandenberger, Bettina Dyttrich, Helen Ebinger, Corinn Gerber, Phillip Messner / Lucie Kolb, The Grey Penguins, Dagmar Reichert, Romy Ruegger, Simone Schardt & Wolf Schmelter, Bettina Stehli and Andrea Thal and extracts from one E-mail exchange in the distribution off_pride.

  1. Journal d’Echo


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