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Performance Saga, Interview 04, Carolee Schneemann

Carolee Schneemann
Edition Fink
13.8 × 18.9 cm

In the early 1960s, the American artist Carolee Schneemann began to extend painting into space and involve her body in her work. At the Judson Church in Manhattan, she created revolutionary group performances. With “Fuses”, she realized the fist sexually explicit film that militated for the right to a feminine esthetics of desire. Carolee Schneemann continues to maintain a fluctuating border between the private and the political.

In her interview with Andrea Saemann and Chris Regan, Carolee Schneemann talks about her work and gives glimpses into her way of thinking. The DVD edition includes a booklet with an essay by Katrin Grögel.

Edited by Andrea Saemann and Katrin Grögel. 49 minutes. English with German subtitles. Booklet in German and English.

For private use only.

  1. Performance Saga, Interview 04, Carolee Schneemann

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