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October 114

Michael Snow
MIT Press
17.8 × 22.8 × 1 cm

At the forefront of contemporary arts criticism and theory, October focuses critical attention on the contemporary arts and their various contexts of interpretation: film, painting, music, photography, performance, sculpture, and literature. Examining relationships between the arts and their critical and social contexts, October addresses a broad range of readers. Original, innovative, provocative, each issue presents the best, most current texts by and about today’s artistic, intellectual and critical vanguard.

Issue 114 focuses on the work of Michael Snow, presenting one of the most thorough and insightful examinations of Snow’s production. Texts on Snow include: “Touching to See” by Jean Arnaud, “Keaton and Snow” by Erik Bullot, “The Child in the Machine: On the use of CGI in Michael Snow’s *Corpus Callosum” by Malcolm Turvey and “The Sound of Music: A Conversation with Michael Snow” by Annette Michelson.

Additional essays include those looking at Steve McQueen, Tacita Dean’s “Floh” and the expanded field of photography.

  1. October 114

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