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Performance Saga, Interview 07, Martha Rosler

Martha Rosler
13.8 × 18.9 cm

The American artist Martha Rosler is a sharp-tongued critic and commentator. Her committed and humorous appraisal of the geopolitical and sociocultural situation is explicitly geared for a broad public. Rosler is best known for her conceptual photography, installations and texts, but her live and video performances of the 1970s are still considered milestones today.

In her interview with Andrea Saemann and Chris Regn, Martha Rosler talks about her work and the conditions under which it came into being. The DVD edition includes a booklet with an article by Mary Paterson.

Edited by Andrea Saemann and Katrin Grögel. 57 minutes. English with German subtitles. Booklet in German and English.

For private use only.

  1. Performance Saga, Interview 07, Martha Rosler

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