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umool umool vol.9 – the rejected, the recycled, the regenerated


umool umool is a magazine-formed project by Na Kim. It experiments on several ideas, such as an overturn of designers’ role, a tension in hierarchy of form and content, a virtual possibility of autonomous work of designers and etc.

In this 9th issue of umool umool, 10 projects are invited to describe the hidden destiny of the rejected project. Some of them simply show documentation of a denied proposal and allow others create an alternative story in it. Some assertively suggest a second life for the rejected work, rather than an ephemeral destiny. For those who would like to transmit these ghost projects into their own interpretation, only images of work are presented in the printed book. The description of each project is announced on the web page.

Contributors: Alain Delluc, James Goggin, Rikard Heberling, Hyoun Youl Joe, Na Kim, Karen van de Kraats, Hyo Kwon, Kyeong Soo Lee, Karel Martens, Karl Nawrot, Yeoun Joo Park, Daniel Pianetti, Astrid Seme.


  1. umool umool vol.9 – the rejected, the recycled, the regenerated

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