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Thirty Poems

Robert Walser
New Directions
Artists' Books
13.4 × 18.2 × 0.6 cm

In Thirty Poems, renowned translator and poet Christopher Middleton presents a selection of his favorite Robert Walser poems. Although considered one of the major writers of the early twentieth century for his novels and short stories, Walser (1878-1956) was essentially a poet. In his Foreword to Thirty Poems, Christopher Middleton, who first translated Robert Walser in 1957, illuminates this wonderful but little-known body of work. Facsimiles of poems as they originally appeared illustrate the book: a manuscript in Walser’s perfect Sütterlin script, another in the almost indecipherably minuscule pencil writing of his microscripts, and also a newspaper clipping of a poem’s original publication in the Prager Presse. Thirty Poems is the first collection of Walser’s poetry in English and includes poems never before translated.

  1. Thirty Poems

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