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The Illustrated Dictionary of Received Ideas - Sullivan, Derek

Gareth Long and Derek Sullivan
Artists' Books
21.5 × 27.8 cm

Letters A – C from Gareth Long and Derek Sullivan’s ongoing project to illustrate (and translate) Flaubert’s “Dictionary of Received Ideas.” The two artists intend eventually to illustrate every entry in Flaubert’s posthumously published satirical dictionary – a text that contains 950 biting and surprisingly contemporary entries. They have compiled their collected illustrations to date in this bookwork, “The Illustrated Dictionary of Received Ideas.”

The Illustrated Dictionary of Received Ideas (Galley-Volume 1: ABC) includes over 100 drawings in 228 pages. The artists will update the book as the project progresses using on-demand printing technology.

Edition of 25.

  1. The Illustrated Dictionary of Received Ideas - Sullivan, Derek

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